Imagination Reasoning Inquiry-based Science


Pick up and drop off zones are immediately along the building.

Parking is very limited. All parking spots next to and behind the IRIS building are reserved for picking up and dropping off of students only. For parents who would like to spend time at IRIS to meet with the teachers, we ask that they park on Terrace side-street lcoated a short-block from IRIS.

There is NO Parking under ANY circumstances behind the Dentist Office. Cars parked at the Dentist Office may be towed.

Did you bike? Wonderful! We have a bike rack for you at the side of the building by the main office. Also, check out our green transportation incentives on the "Transporation" page on the drop down menu under the "About" heading! Thanks for sparing the air!

The Technology

With exploration comes the necessity for interesting equipment! IRIS is proud to offer many ways to access the wealth of knowledge the world has to offer.

3D Printer, Brand new Vernier Lab Equipment, Spectrometer, Lego Robotics, Photovoltaic Cells

Our Gardens

Although it may look like one big back yard space, IRIS has many gardens to explore!

The Native California Garden
How many species can you identify? Do you see any of the same plants in your own back yard?

The Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden
What do you notice about the shapes of the flowers? The colors? Who pollinates who?

The Organic Vegetable Beds

It may not look like a lot is going on right now, but that's where you come in! Design your own experiment using vegetables and you will get a plot of soil to call your own!

Two Greenhouses

Two greenhouses with maximum sun exposure will be where your little seedlings will break through the soil to start your plant experiments if you sign up for Monday's Life Science classes.

Curious about how your seedlings would do if you altered the color of light your plants got? This may be the place to try out those Physical Science experiments that you've been contemplating!

The Pond and Waterfall

The waterfall pump is powered by a solar panel placed in the garden. Do you think the flow of water would change if we moved the panel throughout the day?

Complete with fish and plants, the IRIS pond is its own thriving ecosystem! What changes do you think we would see in the pond life if we introduced ducklings in the spring?

With two levels, the pond is the perfect place to practice aquaponics! How do you think the growth of lettuce would differ in soil versus floating in the pond?